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The Cowan Collection at the University of Victoria Special Collections includes Cowan’s field journals, photographs, CBC footage and correspondence from his 75-year long multi-faceted career, alternating between high-profile campaigns, such as ending the Canadian bounty system, and cutting-edge field research into species and ecosystems from the Arctic to Haida Gwaii. It also includes journals from his mentors like Kenneth Racey and students like Bristol Foster. The University of Victoria Libraries  host the digital collection of the handwritten McTaggart Cowan field journals, with selected journals also transcribed.  The Ian McTaggart Cowan field journals were the primary source used to create the official biography, The Real Thing: The Natural History of Ian McTaggart Cowan.

Collection Access Note: The loading of all 61 volumes of the online McTaggart Cowan field journal collection is a work in progress. Selected field journals have been transcribed. The transcribed field journals can be keyword searched, with the transcribed pages presented beside the corresponding handwritten pages.

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