Meadowlark Festival Reading

Sunday, May 22nd. Many thanks to Okanagan College for hosting, and Dr. Sharon Mansiere and her work on building the natural history collection of Okanagan's wonderful birds, and all the organizers of the Meadowlark Festival who do so much to promote the natural wonders of the Okanagan, especially, Jayme Friedt and her team. Great walks with Michael Bezener and Terry McIntosh keeping up the tradition of the Real Thing, sharing their love of the natural world. Special acknowledgement to  knowledge keeper Richard Armstrong and the Enowkwin Centre and Ildiko Szabo of the Beaty Biodiversity Museum for helping and checking for ticks!

"This afternoon was a such a community builder! A sharing of our historical background scientifially, an understanding of the brilliance of young people, the understanding of the importance of gathering people together, of superior leadership, all in all, a seriously engaging knowledgable speaker with the whole idea of sharing and learning. Wow!!" Bonnie Ross

"A great tribute to a remarkable leader and naturalist. This lecture should be heard far and wide to inspire others to educate our upcoming generations." Anthea Bryan

"Amazing presentation, insightful, encouraging, passionate. Briony exemplifies the message — the method and the mentoring of Ian McTaggart Cowan. Thank you for supporting this extraordinary biography!" Diane Bersea

"Great presentation + eye-opener to a transplant from the east coast. Truly a remarkable mind and characters portrayed — I have to get this book." R.A. Ross

"The slide presentation of Ian McTaggart Cowan's life + the scientists he befriended + their appreciation and documentation of the natural world sends me the message to pay it forward." Carol Hoenisch

"Very educational and inspirational. Education is key... one more step towards conservationism for me." Martine Vezina

"Briony is inspiring and full of energy and is so excited about her subject. Loved the lecture." Jodi Forster

"Briony presents an astonishing summary of an individual + a phenomenon of our time. A great lecture and looking forward to the book. Congrats to the publisher." Denis O'Gorman

"Wonderful presentation. Remarkable story that needs to be told and retold."






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